C Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
VFW All Starz 292 - 0 - 02
Ship of Fools 181 - 1 - 02
Darts Before Time 141 - 1 - 02
Boobie Bunch 110 - 2 - 02

High In:
   by  Katrina Park    ( Boobie Bunch)

High Out:
   by  Jerry Evans    ( VFW All Starz)

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Shawn Narinesingh0 Darts Before Time
Zac Mayo0 Boobie Bunch
Joe Hensley "Max"25 VFW All Starz
Thad Moore27 Ship of Fools
Jerry Evans30 VFW All Starz

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Shawn Elmore "Mo"7 Darts Before Time
Joe Hensley "Max"4 VFW All Starz
Jerry Evans4 VFW All Starz
Katrina Park3 Boobie Bunch
Tip Trevarthen3 Boobie Bunch
Michael Gonzalez "Gonzo"3 Boobie Bunch
Katie Goins3 Darts Before Time
Stacey Taylor2 Boobie Bunch
Korlin Taylor2 Ship of Fools
Ian Emslie2 Ship of Fools
Jim Campbell2 VFW All Starz
Brandon Johnson2 Darts Before Time
Glenda Camp2 VFW All Starz
Jack Horner2 Ship of Fools
Cinde Emslie1 Ship of Fools
Channan McClendon1 Boobie Bunch
Eric McClendon "E-Mac"1 Boobie Bunch
Burt Blackson1 Darts Before Time
Kim Perkins1 Darts Before Time
Jennifer Arp1 VFW All Starz
Barry Taylor0 Boobie Bunch
Zac Mayo0 Boobie Bunch
Angie Bernard0 Darts Before Time
Cara Elmore0 Darts Before Time
Wayne Woody0 Darts Before Time
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2017-09-12
Darts Before Time (10) Boobie Bunch (8) VFW Post #1289
Ship of Fools (4) VFW All Starz (14) Diamond Billiard Club
week: 2 2017-09-19
VFW All Starz (15) Boobie Bunch (3) VFW Post #1289
Ship of Fools (14) Darts Before Time (4) Diamond Billiard Club

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