C Division Standings

Team Points Record SS
Ship of Fools 121 - 0 - 01
Deez Nuts 111 - 0 - 01
Thunderstruck 70 - 1 - 01
Mayos Mad Dawgs 60 - 1 - 01
VFW All-Starz 00 - 0 - 00
BYE 00 - 0 - 00

High In:
   by  Robert McSpadden    ( Thunderstruck)

High Out:
   by  Scott Combs    ( Thunderstruck)

Fastest 501s

Name Total Darts Team
Brian Saunders0 Thunderstruck
Bobby Rolin21 Deez Nuts
Boyd Dyer22 Thunderstruck
Scott Combs24 Thunderstruck
Ian Emslie29 Ship of Fools

MVP Leaders

Name MVPs Team
Boyd Dyer7 Thunderstruck
Scott Combs5 Thunderstruck
Ian Emslie4 Ship of Fools
Sean Goins4 Deez Nuts
Zane Langston3 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Trey Grisard3 Ship of Fools
Jennifer Carter3 Deez Nuts
Howard Hill3 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Garrett Defoor2 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Dan Carter2 Deez Nuts
Dale Barton2 Ship of Fools
Jason Richardson2 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Robert McSpadden2 Thunderstruck
Bobby Rolin2 Deez Nuts
Andy Steele1 Ship of Fools
David Thornburg1 Ship of Fools
Bobby Strawn1 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Dee Slonaker1 Thunderstruck
Marty Rhodes1 Thunderstruck
Thomas Farr0 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Trey Grosvenor0 Mayos Mad Dawgs
David Whitener0 Ship of Fools
Anthony Powell0 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Chase Bennett0 Ship of Fools
David Love0 Mayos Mad Dawgs
Home Away Location SS
week: 1 2018-09-18
VFW All-Starz BYE VFW Post #1289 
Ship of Fools (12) Mayos Mad Dawgs (6) Diamond Billiard Club
Deez Nuts (11) Thunderstruck (7) VFW Post #1289
week: 2 2018-09-25
VFW All-Starz Ship of Fools VFW Post #1289 
Mayos Mad Dawgs Deez Nuts Mayos 
Thunderstruck BYE Buds Sports Bar 
week: 3 2018-10-02
Deez Nuts VFW All-Starz VFW Post #1289 
Thunderstruck Mayos Mad Dawgs Buds Sports Bar 
Ship of Fools BYE Diamond Billiard Club 
week: 4 2018-10-09
VFW All-Starz Mayos Mad Dawgs VFW Post #1289 
Deez Nuts BYE VFW Post #1289 
Ship of Fools Thunderstruck Diamond Billiard Club 

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