Glenda Camp

Dart #:   2837
Last 5 Years PPD: 11.1
Career PPD: 11.5 (since 2006)
Team NameYear SeasonLeagueDivMVPsFastest 501PPD
Tuesday Night League
HP Pitch Hitters2014wintuesdayC272712
HP Pitch Hitters2014sumtuesdayC92411.5
HP Pitch Hitters2014faltuesdayC93510.1
HP Pitch Hitters2013sumtuesdayB32911.8
HP Pitch Hitters2013faltuesdayC102911.5
HP Pitch Hitters2012wintuesdayC122711.8
HP Pitch Hitters2012sumtuesdayC63712.2
HP Pitch Hitters2012faltuesdayD0N/A11.1
In It To Win It2011wintuesdayD92713.4
HP Pitch Hitters2011sumtuesdayB92210.5
Pitch Hitters2011faltuesdayC83312.4
In it to Win It2010wintuesdayD82913.4
In It To Win It2010sumtuesdayD33712.2
In It To Win It2010faltuesdayD43215.7
Are We There Yet2009wintuesdayE43114.1
Are we there yet?2009sumtuesdayD5N/A13.9
Are we there yet?2009faltuesdayD35710.2
Homeplate Contenders2008wintuesdayE103012.9
The Contenders2008sumtuesdayD3N/A12.2
Home Plate Contenders2008faltuesdayE43510.9
Home Plate Contenders2007sumtuesdayD44210.6
Home Plate Contenders2007faltuesdayD72812.9
Home Plate Contenders2006wintuesdayD7648.9
Homeplate Hitters2006sumtuesdayC63211.4
Home Plate Contenders2006faltuesdayC42611.5
VFW All Starz2017wintues6C0N/A14.1
VFW All Starz2017sumtues6B2787.9
VFW All Starz2017faltues6C82811.1
Pops Players2016wintues6B83110.2
Pops Players2016sumtues6A14311.9
VFW Allstarz2016faltues6B43810.7
Pops Players2015wintues6B83011.6
Pops Players2015sumtues6B34011.5
Pops Players2015faltues6B12611.9
Thursday Night League
Kings & Queens2011winthursdayC8N/A10.4
Glendas Rockers2011sumthursdayC173212.3
6 Shooters2011falthursdayB2N/A13
3 Kings & A Queen2010winthursdayC124210.8
3 Kings & A Queen2010sumthursdayB132911.9
3 Kings & A Queen2010falthursdayC35310.9
Pleasure Seekers2009winthursdayD8N/A14.9
3 Kings and a Queen2009falthursdayC82913.9

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